Vrahos House
Vourvourou | Sithonia, Halkidiki | Greece

Our Beach

The beach in front of our estate has a rare characteristic of being enveloped by water from both sides. On the one side there is a lagoon which is between the beach and our estate and on the other side there is the sea. Both the lagoon and the sea have warm and shallow waters.

The beach is not organized thus guests are advised to bring along their own umbrellas, sunbeds and other beach accessories they find needed to enjoy their swim.

Diaporos Isle

Diaporos is a small isle located between Sithonia and Agio Oros. Only a kilometer away from our estate, by boat, you will discover golden beaches with bluish green waters which cover most of the isle’s coastline, reminding you of tropical destinations. A visit to the bays of the isle is an unforgettable experience.

Not far from out estate there are boat rental services which can help you visit the isle.

karydi & Kavourotrypes Beach

Karydi Beach is located in the “Kathigites” settlement, which is after Vourvourou. The distance is 6 km. This uniquely beautiful beach is worth a visit.

Between Vourvourou and Sarti, well hidden from those who do not know the exact location, Kavourotrypes is possibly considered the most beautiful beach of Chalkidiki.